The Secret and The Law of Attraction

The movie “The Secret” has created a lot of attention on the law of attraction and along with it so much disappointment. The Secret gives some basics and an introduction to the law of attraction but falls far short of anyone being able to master it.

Watching the secret you might come away with the idea that you just visualize the thing you want and it will magically appear. People have been doing that for years, it’s called day dreaming. The fact is The Secret really says a lot more than that about the law of attraction and I don’t intend to discount or detract from the importance of the movie. It is just that most people need more information to be able to use many of the ideas that The Secret introduced.

The Science of Getting Rich and The Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne, the creator of The Secret, has said that a copy of the Wallace Wattles success classic “The Science of Getting Rich” was given to her at a low point in her life and that it was the inspiration for the movie. The Science of Getting Rich is all about mastering the law of attraction but the fact is it never uses the words “law of attraction” but most experts on the law agree that this book is one of the best single sources about attaining mastery.

The Science of Getting Rich was written about 100 years ago and you will be able to see predictions in it’s pages that have come to fruition. Wattles predicted that the airline industry would be a great business one day. This at a time when most people hadn’t seen an airplane and the Wright Brothers were figuratively crawling around on the floor with their new airplane – and the “takeoff” of the airline industry was still years away. Yet this peculiar little man Wattles could see it and he wrote about it while describing “the law of attraction” in The Science of Getting Rich.

We’ll Call The Secret a 101 Level Course

If The Secret is a 101 level course in mastering the law of attraction, then we will call The Science of Getting Rich a 201 level course. With The Secret as your introduction and The Science of Getting Rich as your second level course you will be quite prepared to use the law and you will have achieved a certain mastery. A highly insightful person willing to meditate and spend some years taking in all of the ideas can get to mastery with just these two resources. Perhaps you’d like a greater mastery of the law of attraction but you don’t want to spend years meditating on and studying The Science of Getting Rich. In that case where do you find a 301 level course?

Mastery of The Law of Attraction – The 301 Level Course

Bob Proctor is one of the featured teachers in The Secret. Bob is one of those people who has been studying and meditating on The Science of Getting Rich for over 30 years and is a recognized expert on and master of the law of attraction. Bob sees the law of attraction as the whole made up of many smaller parts, smaller laws that fit together and make something larger than the sum of the parts. Bob has identified 11 parts that fit together to make the whole and calls them The 11 Forgotten Laws.

What Bob teaches is revolutionary about how you can use these 11 Forgotten Laws sort of like a lens to focus your power on the thing you are seeking to manifest. Here is a list of the laws that Bob teaches you to use together as one:

The 11 Forgotten Laws

  • Law of Supply
  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Receiving
  • Law of Increase
  • Law of Compensation
  • Law of Non-Resistance
  • Law of Forgiveness
  • Law of Sacrifice
  • Law of Obedience
  • Law of Success

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