Can you Operate Under the Legislation of Love?

We certainly are a “law unto ourselves”, but we have been, also, God’s children. As a result, we are the Legislation of Love.

Sometimes, even though, however unwittingly, we make-up our own laws. Next, once we’ve made these up, we feel as though we need to live with them. A number of the laws we’ve made up will be the “law” of illness, the particular “law” of poverty, the particular “law” of loneliness, the particular “law” of suffering, and so forth. Look around your living at the laws you get for yourself.

*** I will be not talking about regulations and rules society has presented for us. Please recognize that. I am talking in regards to the laws we make regarding ourselves, the laws in which govern our actions and also reactions. ***

Now, get back to the one law in which sticks. The Law regarding Love. If you have got, and abide by, regulations of Love, what does that do to your “law” regarding illness? Where is the love because? The “law” of low income? The “law” of isolation? The “law” of enduring? Look at each law you get for yourself, and see the location where the Law of Love fits engrossed. It doesn’t, does that? When we make our personal laws, we are neglecting regulations of Love, and which is all there really will be.

One way to know when it is an actual law regarding God, is to go through the law itself. Does that have power over us all, or does it offer us power through really like? If we believe inside the laws that have strength over us, (laws that individuals have made and adhere to), we block the healing energy with the Angels.

For example, if we that terrifies them something, we have established a law demanding that individuals fear that thing, thereby punishing us from the very law we developed. Where is the Legislation of Love there?

Examine what you think. You think, “I can’t do this kind of, because if I carry out, this will happen. ” Get back to God’s law — regulations of Love. Let that help you create that decision in an improved light. ^j^

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